Pet Friendly

We're dog lovers and pet parents, therefore our condo is pet friendly.


Pets are permitted on approval, maximum 2 small dogs. There's a non-refundable pet fee charge of $100 plus GST for the first pet, $50 plus GST for the second pet for the length of your stay.

To relieve your pets, the dog beach at Goodman Park is right beside Casa Del Mila Oro Resort's private beach (to the right as you're looking at the lake). There's a grassy area with sand for lake access so your pup can romp and play. 

To walk there...

1) Head towards the beach (walk down the stairs and turn right. Stay to the left of the townhouses and go down the path. Cross the road). You’ll see the resort’s private beach straight ahead (note that pets are not permitted on the private beach). Turn right and head west. You’ll see Goodman Park straight ahead as the sidewalk veers to the right.

2) You can also get to Goodman Park if you walk to the resort’s entry (when you pulled in off the street on check-in day). The pool will be on your right and the townhouses on your left. Cross the street and turn left. You’ll see Goodman Park on your right as you walk towards the beach.There is lots of grass and they can romp and play on the dog beach. There are picnic tables, a bench and even washrooms if needed (take note that the washrooms automatically lock at 7:00pm, as they are on a timer).

Be aware that this area is not fenced off and your pet must always remain on leash.

                  For all prices, please go to Seasonal Rates.

Pet Supplies- In the master bedroom on the closet shelf, you will find 4 brown pet towels which can be used to wipe wet/dirty dog feet after a romp in the lake or a walk in the rain.

The brown towels are sitting on a plastic bin which contains some puppy pads, poo bags and balls if you need them.

There are a couple dog dishes in the cupboard above the fridge.

Holly and Tetley

Please be considerate and always pick up after your pet. Always carry poo bags.

       Our Pet Rules

  • Pets must be spayed or neutered and have their current vaccinations, including their rabies shots.   

  • Re: Issues- Please be considerate to other guests in the complex if you have vocal pets. Unattended dogs who’s barking disturbs guests and results in complaints may result in fines for local noise bylaws.

  • If your pet piddles, marks, or chews please crate them. 

  • Pets are not permitted on the pool deck or the resort’s 300’ private beach and grass area.

  • All pets must be on leash while on the resort property.

To return home, cross the street and enter through the main entry to Casa Del Mila Oro Resort.

You'll pass the west building on the left side as you enter off Lakeshore Drive.

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