Private Parking

White Flower

As you pull into the complex off Lakeshore Drive, you'll drive straight through to the back, passing the pool on your left.

You’ll have the use of parking stall #210 for the length of your stay.

The parking stall is just a few steps away from the stairs which will lead you up to the unit on the second level.

There are a few visitor parking stalls for guests at the back and at the entrance to the complex. During the busy summer months they may not be available, but there is additional parking on Lakeshore Drive, in front of the resort's west condo building.

If your guests end up parking on the road, it's only a short 2-3 minute walk to the unit.

Little Paradise Vacation Condo parking a

In this photo, our white Toyota Camry is parked in stall #210.

I took the photo from where the front door to the condo is.