Family Friendly

At Casa Del Mila Oro Resort, we are family friendly.

You'll find many families spending their vacations here during the summer holidays. It is a very busy place!


In our second bedroom, each double bunk bed has a 24" smart tv, reading light and USB port. The bottom bunk has a night stand and the top bunk has a shelf to place a book, cellphone or a glass of water on.


There are plastic cups and plates in the kitchen. For safety, we even have a small table to place our young guests during their meals instead of seating them on the higher bar stools.

The condo overlooks the courtyard where the pool and hot tub are. If you don't want to leave the comfort of the patio, you can keep an eye on older kids from the patio above.

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Please note the smart tvs for the top bunk bed will be added in May.