Our Rules

White Flower

Quiet Time is 11 Pm - 7 AM.

Minimum age of primary renter - 25 years or older.

Maximum occupancy - 

CONDO #210- NO MORE than 5 people permitted.

TOWNHOUSE #119- NO MORE than 7 people permitted.

... unless arrangements have been made with Romana prior.

Snowbirds- are a maximum of 2 people.

Check-in time-     4 Pm
Check-out time-  10 AM

Check-out is 10 AM (no exceptions)- Please be respectful of the 10 AM check-out time.
Summer is a very busy time and there is almost always someone checking in the same day you will be leaving. We only have one cleaner for the private condos/townhouses so she will need to get into the unit at 10 AM sharp to get the cleaning done for the next guests.

Occupants of the unit are responsible at all times for the conduct of all of his/her guests. Maximum occupancy per unit shall be limited to the approved number of persons at the time of the reservation.

TWO PETS MAX is permitted on approval only. Please confirm during time of booking.

This is a $100 + $5 GST non-refundable fee for first pet, $50 + $2.50 GST for second pet 

= Non-refundable $157.50 for two pets.


WIFI- You will find the network name and password taped to the back of the front door.



Casa Del Mila Oro Resort in Osoyoss

An Inventory of the contents of both units have been made. The contents should not be lent out or exchanged as each unit is individually owned. You will be charged for articles that are not accounted for or have been reported broken after you depart.

SMOKING of any sort is NOT PERMITTED (including, but not limited, to e-cigarettes & cannabis) on the resort or in any parts of our condo unit, including the patio. Smoking is permitted off site in front of the retaining walls to either side of the resort entry. There are buckets provided for cigarette butts, so please be respectful and use them.

House Manual- You will find a house manual on the table. Please take a look through it. There is valuable information regarding our house rules, how to use the appliances, what to do in Osoyoos and a whole lot more.